Enhanced Task Models: Customize Your Conversational Experience

published on 26 September 2023

Agent4 is committed to elevating the AI conversational experience. We're excited to introduce a new and powerful feature that will transform how businesses interact with their clients: Task Models.

Understanding Task Models

Agent4 now offers two distinct vectors for personalizing the conversational experience:

1. Content Models: These models let you embed custom content, creating a unique landing experience for your callers. Read more about it in our previous blog post on custom content.

2. Task Models: This is where the magic happens. Task models, including the basic ones built into the platform, enable you to set conversational tasks with predefined outcomes. For more advanced and dynamic interactions, we've introduced TaskChain.

Navigating Task Model Management

Ready to dive in? Customize your task models through our management portal. Remember, for any model to work, it must be activated. Moreover, any changes made should be published to go live.

Delving into Task Model Types

When you initially set up your agent, basic tasks, like number transfers or calendar link provisions, were part of the offering. Now, we’re diving deeper:

- Responder: Configure your agent to listen for specific keywords from a caller and provide a pre-set response. For instance, in response to "Can I get directions to your business?", your agent could text a link to the caller.

- ConversationToEmail: This is for the more sophisticated tasks. Here, you create a trigger phrase and pair it with a prompt from our library. The output? A detailed email in JSON format summarizing the interaction.

- TaskChain: The pièce de résistance! TaskChain allows for intricate integrations with external systems. It operates using webhooks hosted on your servers. You can string tasks together, triggering multiple actions seamlessly.

Learn more and try it out

Visit our documentation at https://docs.agent4.ai/ to learn more about this and other ways to get the most out of Agent4.

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