Agent4 Gold

Custom Content & Task Models

Level up your customer interactions with Agent4's enhanced Custom Content and new Task Models features. Train the AI agent using your bespoke content, ensuring it speaks fluently about your unique business offerings. Additionally, with Task Models, guide your customers through specific conversational tasks, optimizing their experience. Gone are the days of generic responses. Dive into a new era where your AI agent not only offers personalized replies but also drives effective task-oriented interactions. This creates a more dynamic and relevant bond between your brand and your clientele.

Voice Customization: A New Era of Interaction

Bring a personalized touch to your AI voice agent with our latest Custom Voice feature. Whether you're tweaking your own voiceprint or selecting from our curated professional voice models, you can ensure that your agent resonates perfectly with your brand's persona. This enhanced feature, available through our web portal, provides a richer and more engaging auditory experience for your customers.

Multiple Users Per Agent

Harness the power of collaboration with Agent4's Multiple Users per Agent feature. This allows multiple employees within your organization to watch and monitor interactions with an agent in real time. This feature fosters better collaboration and synergy among team members, ensuring a more consistent customer service experience. It also provides valuable insights into customer interactions, allowing your team to continuously improve your communication strategies and effectively respond to customer needs.

Business Phone & Beyond

Integrate Agent4 seamlessly into your existing communication systems with our advanced Business Phone Support. Forward any number, be it your main office, a specific department, or a dedicated customer hotline, to your Agent4 virtual agent. This broad integration ensures that regardless of the point of contact, your customers always receive a consistent and high-caliber experience. Trust in Agent4 to uphold and elevate your brand's communication standards, one call at a time.

For a deeper dive into these exciting features and to explore the tools available, visit our portal at Remember, Gold members enjoy even more perks and enhanced functionalities. .

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