Help With Phone Enrollment

Trying to enroll a phone outside the US/Canada or enrolling a non-mobile phone. Learn how here!

  • What is Phone Enrollment?

    In order for your agent to answer calls, there are two steps that are necessary: 

    1. Connect Your Agent: This identifies the phone number associated with your agent. If you're enrolling your mobile device, this can be done with a text message. If you want to enable a different phone number, then contact us at support@agent.4ai.
    2. Enable Your Agent: This forwards missed calls to us. This is called conditional call forwarding, and unfortunately, it is not the same for every phone provider. The app is able to enable agents in the US and Canada. We hope to add more providers as we learn more about the various providers around the world.
  • Any tips on forwarding?

    You can try calling:


    For example, in the UK, this would be:


    This is the phone string we utilize for most call forwarding. 

    If this works in your locale, please let us know. We will add it to the app. 

    Otherwise, try googling "Conditional call forwarding <YOUR MOBILE CARRIER AND COUNTRY>"

  • I'm stuck in the Connecting Phase

    This requires being able to send a text message to a US phone number. We have enable text messaging for most countries. If it's not working for you, then let us know. We can also connect your phone for you. 

  • What are the phone numbers for forwarding?

    If you're able to forward your number, and it's already been connected, these are the Agent4 phone numbers that you can forward your number to:

    • US: +1 308 336 8026
    • Canada: +1 672 784 0200
    • UK/EU: +44 7883 296707
    • Australia: +61 483 907 763

    We're always happy to try adding numbers for our customers. Just let us know which country and we'll do our best to bring up a number.