Unlock Enhanced Voice Customization with Agent4's Latest Features

published on 11 October 2023

Today, Agent4 takes another quantum leap forward in our pursuit of redefining conversational AI. We're thrilled to introduce an array of new features focused on voice customization, ensuring that your virtual agent is as unique and adaptable as your business.

1. Modify Your Voiceprint on the Web Portal

Traditionally, the core of Agent4's distinctiveness lies in its ability to adopt your voice. With our latest update, we're making it even easier. Users can now modify their voiceprint directly from our web portal. This means fine-tuning and making adjustments to how your agent sounds is just a few clicks away.

2. Professional Pre-defined Models for Your Agent's Voice

While personal voiceprints offer a unique touch, there are times when you might want something different. Recognizing this, we've added professional pre-defined voice models. Whether you want your agent to sound cheerful, formal, casual, or authoritative, there's a voice model ready for you.

3. Web-based Voice Prompt and Agent Configuration for Gold Members

The exclusivity of our Gold Membership just got more enticing! Gold members can now modify Voice Prompts and adjust how the agent is configured, directly from the web app. This adds an extra layer of flexibility and ensures that premium users have the best tools at their fingertips.

For a detailed overview of the plethora of features Gold Members enjoy, we encourage you to visit our dedicated page for small businesses.

Getting Started with New Features

To dive into these new capabilities, simply head over to the Agent Tools on our web portal. Navigating through the updated features is intuitive, ensuring that you can make the most out of your Agent4 experience.

In Conclusion

These enhancements underscore Agent4's commitment to continuously evolve, listening to our user community, and innovating. As always, your feedback drives our journey, and we're eager to hear how these new features enhance your conversational AI experience.

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